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Extractions by Lisa D. Petersen, Search Script by Rick Hagen

John Lovell in Montreal published a city directory for towns in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, which contains names of professional and business men and other inhabitants, corrected to January 1871. I have extracted all names from the 44 towns in Colchester County, and have made them searchable by name or town. Most of the names in the directory are men, but some women (school teachers, widows) are listed. Approximate population of the towns was given in the directory, and I include the figure next to the town name. The directory, called Canadian Dominion Directory for 1871, is available on microfiche at your local LDS Family History Center.

Colchester Co. Towns listed in the Canadian Dominion Directory for 1871

(population figures in parentheses)
Acadia Mines (500), Bass River (300), Beaver Brook (100), Brookfield (150), Brule Harbor (900), Central Onslow (200), Chigonaise River (450), Clifton (130), Debert (140), Debert River (400), Earltown (400), Eastville (250), Five Islands (600), Folly Village (400), Gay's River Road (150), Goshen (160), Great Village (600), Highland Village (100), Johnston's Crossing (30), Kemptown (300), Lower Economy (350), Lower Onslow (250), Lower Stewiacke (250), Lower Village (220), Masstown (250), Middle Stewiacke (300), New Annan (600), Newton (100), North River (300), Old Barns (375), Pembroke (350), Polly Bog (50), Portaupique (500), Princeport (150), Riversdale (80), South Branch (250), St. Andrews (130), Stewiacke Cross Roads (250), Tatamagouche (500), Truro (2500), Union Station (50), Upper Economy (425), Upper Onslow (230), Upper Stewiacke (250)

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