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25 May 2005 Danish Veterans of the Three Years War (1848-1850) and Slesvig-Holsten War (1864) residing in the US and Canada in 1913 and 1915.
29 Apr 2005 Deaths of Danes in the USA, 1913-1916, 1932, with names, residences, ages or birthdates, birthplaces, memberships, important genealogical notes.
6 Mar 2005 Index to biographies of 545 prominent Danes in the USA, 1916 and 1917.
28 Feb 2005 Danes in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, 1915, with names, birthdates, birthplaces and year of immigration.
4 Jan 2005 Danes in the US Army, 1940-1946, some details about Danish-born men and women who enlisted during World War II.
28 Dec 2004 English Guide to Arkivalieronline.dk, for accessing images of Danish censuses and church registers.
21 Jun 2004 US Passport Applications (Amerikanske Pasansøgninger), important facts and an example application.
28 Jan 2004 Examples of civil registrations of deaths in Denmark.
1 Dec 2003 Updated the Petersen-Bruun family file with families from Fredericia and Fanø, Denmark.
14 Dec 2002 Added a collection of old photos of the Joseph Miller family and descendants.
8 Dec 2002 Added a collection of old photos of the Peter Lauer family and descendants.
22 Feb 2002 Updated the Clark County Press obituaries database to complete the year 2000.
15 Nov 2001 Added a database containing information about the COX, COTTON, LUNT, RAND, and STEVENS families to the site.
12 Nov 2001 Added the KING family file to the site.
26 Feb 2001 World War II 4th Draft Registration, an overview of the records and an example card.
18 Feb 2001 People and scenes from Coos County, Oregon, 1906, a collection of 29 photographs taken by Nels Petersen.

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